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The Haiku

I learnt, today, an insight from haiku master Chèvrefeuille

that the signs of the artist must not be seen in the haiku, and such 'blemishes' must not be seen on the bonsai either, no individually styled arrangements, but more a seeking of a 'natural' look, and yet containing more than a resemblance to the stylistic predomimently Japanese paintings.




In the following haiku I will try to follow this course, of providing an instant, scene or feeling, in haiku form, without injecting any of my emotion, message or ideas. Thus the meaning you may get or the picture is entirely your own as the reader. To me this places great value on the one consuming the haiku. This reasoning is absent from western thought.



to the naked eye

all that is invisible




pathways among trees

others have passed this way before

where are their haiku?




in the forest landscape

all that has made

the forest landscape




what is in the mind

and what is in the wind

-one causes the other




winter rocks and stones-

echoes of chirping birds

without sound



Source: http://chevrefeuillescarpediem.blogspot.com