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Wednesday Evening Koan


On one hand we have that almost unfathomable question, the one asked by disciples of various arts and I dare say scientists, too; that if a tree falls in a forest and no-one hears it does it make any sound?


In the other hand, I would like to place my favourite Habith, one of Prophet Mohamned's sayings: tie the camel first, then trust.


Is there a connection between what is in each hand? There must be, because there is a connection between everything on this planet.


In the first hand, about the tree, it is what we don't know that we know, and in the second...ah, well, it shows us that it is...what we don't know that we know.


True knowledge is defined by what is not definable.


asking the right question

does not always give the right answer

always seek the most humble

for they will not seek to impress

so do not seek to impress, either







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