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Under the Orion


falling leaves

Mix with the milkyway again

I'm never going to see

a shooting star until spring

but where will I be then?



At least here on the Arctic Circles it is leaves that are falling and not the bombs of Aleppo. Shooting streams of burning phosphorus and sparkling red flames from exploding mortars may replace the distant stars, but the novelty wears pretty thin pretty damn quickly.


One cannot help feeling a slight feeling of theatre of absurdity as the great powers of United States and Russia throw accusations of atrocities at each other for the latest horror of Aleppo.


And yet, each leaf that twirls slowly downwards is a memory of a burnt ember, another member of Apello fallen.


In "Put Your Lips Together" you can read about some of my time in Syria. It's free. And the memories still flow, as the leaves fall.

Source: http://chevrefeuillescarpediem.blogspot.com