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this cold night

the rain that falls is made of glass

crashing to the ground

no simple drops but jagged edges

and the leftover people

with emotional shrapnel in their eyes

watch as Miss Sarajevo waves

and her brave smile

among the fallen broken

jagged splinters


Sarajevo was always difficult to describe under the siege, difficult to get to, difficult to leave, In reality it was easy, because it was much, much more difficult if you lived there, and Sarajevo was your home. But it was difficult to visit, too, in different ways.


Part of "Winner Takes Nothing" over on the right, takes place around Sarajevo. It is free, at Kobo Books and Smashwords. Read it. I still don't know if it was difficult or easy describing Sarajevo. You will.


this cold night

in the silence before the mortar rain

she catches my eye


In memorium: 


Bosko and Admira


Two young lovers who won when they lost -

and dared to dream.