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The Dark Blackthorn

A witch should carve her own broomstick. A chef should carve his own spoons. A walker should carve his own walking stick, the Irish shillie player make his own shillelagh, with convenient knob at the bottom end of the wood, the Japanese kendo master make his own stick, and high priestess on the island of Lesbos carve her own fancy phallus, the same knob polished and naturally-shaped.


The best wood for this is blackthorn, with smooth bark, hardness, and strength in the yield. But the blackthorn has a dark side, steeped in mystery, evil, and tales of misty lore, and is said to be the keeper of unsavoury secrets.


In Scotland, winter begins when the Cailleach strikes the ground with her blackthorn staff. And the sinister blackthorn staff with satyr's head, belonging to Major Thomas Weir, was burned at the same time he was for witchery, when he confessed to long term 'debauchery' with his sister, Jean, at a congregation in Edinburgh, in 1670. His ghost, and infamous blackthorn staff, is said to still haunt parts of the city.


wicked delight

with knotted dark wood

the forbidden fruit a berry

so bitter and sweet

such salacious secrets...




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