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Kon-Tiki Man

Thor Heyerdahl was one of the last, and one of the best, an adventurer, explorer, discoverer, which meant he was also a dreamer, a man with soul, suitably eccentric, as all explorers must be, who saw no barriers, and who lived for open spaces and distant horizons.


He was my childhood hero, and famous for making and taking a boat entirely made of reeds from The Nile in Egypt all the way to South America, just to prove it could be done, and therefore give further credit to the theory that the Aztecs, Mayans and others of the continent had originated from Cleopatra's ancient regime.


His team made the journey, and once ashore burnt their reed craft, the Kon-Tiki in protest against war, in a powerful gesture.


Thor Heyerdahl remains one of Norway's finest: an inspiration, a gentleman, a man of peace and courage. He was my childhood, in many ways, gone, perhaps, but not forgotten.


a simple boat

made of reeds

and miles of open sea

to prove people

belong to one another









Source: http://chevrefeuillescarpediem.blogspot.com