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The Unicorn

Though not a Zodiac sign, the unicorn may well once have been, in ancient Babylonian times or before, when the Zodiac signs came into being. Astrology, like alchemy, is no longer seen as a science, perhaps somewhat rashly, as the foundation for the zodiac system is a logical study of the stars as well as a mysterious one. And if we dwelve into the past civilisations of Babylon, Persia, Sumeria, Egypt and India, where the study of astrology and the zodiac may have originated, we quickly notice that their societies were no less advanced than ours, their politics certainly weren't, and their spiritual guidance neither.


So what of the zodiac system then? Well it shares the study of the sky and stars with astronomy, much as alchemy is really chemistry with elaborate hypothesis. And what of the zodiac's signs? Oh they are real alright. But this can only be ascertained when two signs are compared, contrasted, and studied for compatibility. Only then do we see how exact, and precise they are. Test and analyse yours against your lover's,  and you'll soon see what I mean.


So the unicorn is not an astrological sign, at least not now, but it is there, in the sky, as Monoceros, a constellation in the shape of the mythical creature.



study of the stars

mixes past, present, myth and lore

what is real?


Source: http://chevrefeuillescarpediem.blogspot.fi