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The Fortunate Pedestrian

"Hi babe!"

"Oh, g'morning Miss."

"Wanna ride?"


"Wanna ride in my lovemobile?"

"Not sure I should..."

"...To a land of magic dreams, where dynastic epics bloom and fiery faerie words dance by firelight, and adventurers search for tales of lore.."


And we'll go to Livonia, where stories start, and blossom, then to Crimea, where cases are solved; we'll climb the Mont Blanc mountain together then I'll seduce you with a warm evening sunset in Siberia!"

"You know, I just might not.."

"You need it!"

"I do?"

"Yes, you fool, get in the car!"


"You're a writer aren't you?"


"Then get in! Can't you see I'm your muse!?"