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Haiku and the Absence of Jehovah


One of the abberations of Christianity is a main tennent of the faith: good vs evil. There is a fatal flaw in this incredibly simplistic view of things. First of all, it is totally at odds with the workings of nature, and secondly it promotes absolutism.


But the main issue with this cause and effect dichtonomy is not the weakness of it's philosophy, but it's results: without a doubt, the concept of good vs evil leads to war. To be exact it leads to many wars and has done so.


Jacques Chirac, president of France during the absurd 'freedom fries' era of he US- instigated and led invasion of Iraq often referred to a meeting with George W Bush and sidekick Dick Cheney, where two tried to press on him the apparent Biblical justifications for going to war against the 'Beast,' Sadam Hussain. He was on the plane to Paris as quick as he could be.


The concept of good and evil comes from the Middle East, and was first outlined by Zoroastriansm, up to a thousand years before Christianity.


Thankfully this dull doctrine is absent from haiku ethos, despite what are said to be connections between haiku and Buddhism, for Buddhism is represented also in Māra, a dark force. 


In fact haiku's philosophical roots are more likely traceable to Shintoism and Confucism, and perhaps to the Estonian Maausk religion, rather than any others. This absence of "lecturing" in haiku is one of the things that give it special appeal.





fresh morning snow

her buds full and flushed

ah the devil in me!