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The Time of Day

beyond my reach

the melting icicle

in the sunlight

forcing me to consider

each different moment





in the glimpses of spring

before spring

a well-worn winter


Ah, even pirates end up walking on well-worn paths, still dreaming of conquests undertaken on the seven seas, of bosoms nestled in far away taverns and pints of cider washed down with pints of cider bought with treasure chests of plundered trinkets.


Yes even in the silent painted innocence of the forest I allow myself the luxury of reminiscence of wilder days when the sword replaced the walking staff, where falling in love was painless (though not in memory).


"Stay the course, always stay the course." True words for the buccaneer. Keep to the bearing. Always. At sea you do not simply 'stop,' or give up. And of course the bounty is always just within one's grasp, nearly.