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Sweet Jane (Legalize It)


I can't say I got stoned many times, but I have hippyish memories. I smoked up recently and it hit me like a brick, but I heard it can after a long delay. I am not sure if I would keep toning, or baking cannabis, but I am utterly sure it should be legalised.


Parts of Europe are in some sort of iron-shackle age when it comes to weed. In Lithuania you'll be beaten up by the coppers for having a small amount on you, and across much of Eastern Europe and Scandinavia unbelievably the stuff terrifies governments.


Alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceutical companies are the ones donating millions to governments to keep it illegal. That tells me all I need to know about the morality of the keeping it illegal argument.


It must be decriminalized, made available and taxed. It us a medication, and a natural one. Governments have to stop acting like police states.


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legalize it now

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