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the sky is in 3-D

~raindrops on my face


Forests may be interesting to photograph in the rain, but you have to find the picture: <<c'est pas évident>> as we say in France.


On the contrary, when it is raining one should retire to the city for a few hours, where lights blur through window panes, and everything shines, and everyone suddenly becomes a story as they rush somewhere.


And then.


You start to notice you are the only one not rushing everywhere. In fact, you are not rushing anywhere, just standing, as the rain pours and then dribbles off the brim of your hat, and you experience the loneliness that you never do deep within the trees, your log cabin part of it all and not apart.


Here, on the shining sidewalk, turning red, then green, then yellow, nothing runs deep. Everything shines, but nothing runs deep.





Source: http://chevrefeuillescarpediem.blogspot.com