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Staying Cool

the coolness of trees

perfect for hotheadedness

wait for the slow shade

let the warm sun melt tension

take off your shoes and tune-in

Two hours walking in a forest will lower your blood pressure levels and cortisone production. The forest walk will also help build up your white blood cells, strengthening your immune system. If you walk at a fast pace now and then you will also benefit from the excercise.


Trees give off chemicals that we may well benefit greatly from, according to latest research. These benefits are also possible through the inhaling of the fragrances of natural rosmarin and lemon.


The last line of the tanka is an important one. We do need to tune-in to the earth's healthy electron magnetic field. When indoors we are charged with highly toxic EMFs, specifically from WiFi, or older TVs, but also mobile phones and electric appliances like hair dryers. This is not a joke, and extremely serious illnesses can develop from overexposure.



Source: http://chevrefeuillescarpediem.blogspot.com