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She Looks Up

Jane Reichhold, who recently passed away, survives by her legacy as one of the greats of haiku, stretching back to Matsuo Basho. Her volumes of work about haiku ensure this legacy will remain vital for any serious student of haiku for generations to come.


Jane explored various themes, both stylistically and in content in her work. Her haiku around the theme if rain are among those that influenced me the most. What I particularly like about her haiku below is the utter simplicity. But what emotions that utter simplicity evokes!


she looks up

a tapping at the window

is only rain 


A beautiful haiku, and a wonderful example of many Jane wrote using rain so delicately. I will see if I can jot down a haiku or tanka drawing inspiration from her haiku:


snowflakes drifting

cherry blossoms floating in the breeze

sunlight streaming through blinds

and swirling red autumn leaves

still she waits for her lover