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Luxemburg, Part II

I only went to Luxemburg once, so this is my second visit. The first time was years ago, when Icelandair flew across the Atlantic from the Duchy, and I took a 24 hr train ride to catch the flight.


I arrived as dawn did, and was not impressed: at the train station I saw a police officer kick a young female backpacker who was sleeping in a corner, bathed in blue by the electronic light of a large Gaulois cigarette pack, advertised on a glass panel. When I intervened, he demanded my ID card, which I refused to give until absolutely necessary.


All these years later, I still do not know why Luxemburg even exists, this tiny Duchy which preys on its larger neighbours by letting companies set up tax evasive offices on its territory, making its citizens among the richest in the world.


I do not plan a third visit.


dawn's blue colours

-a police car and neon lights

I make my escape